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Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre is off and racing!

Six months after the go-live with Vivaticket the great success

A mere six months since their go-live with Vivaticket Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC) are well and truly off and racing! BMEC encompasses a 600 plus theatre, 1100 capacity City Hall for performance and live entertainment as well as foyer event spaces and conferences spaces. The diversity of their business doesn’t stop there. The team at BMEC also provide ticketing services outside of their own venues for a wide range of events.
Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre is using our Vivaticket solution to sell tickets to concerts and plays in their theatres, register students for holiday workshops, sell conference tickets etc. On top of that they’re using Vivaticket to sell camping sites on Bathurst’s famous Mount Panorama home to the annual Bathurst 1000 car race!

BMEC Box Office Supervisor Lisanne McDonwell said of Vivaticket’s solution
‘The system provides much more than just Ticketing and Marketing. Our regional venue operates in quite a unique way and the team at Vivaticket has found individual solutions for all our requirements. They listen to our needs and come back with a way to manage them.
‘I particularly like the customised reports, the integration with MailChimp and the way we can build our own maps for any new or existing venue.

It really is testament to the functionality rich solution that is Vivaticket!

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