Queue Management

The system integrates different queue management systems in order to help the customer better plan their visit, minimising waiting times and enjoying a more pleasant and rewarding experience.

The different queue management systems are an integral part of Vivaticket solution and can be accessed via the web, at automated teller machines, at local checkouts or via flying POS.

Fast Lane

Access from a dedicated entrance and skip the queue, thanks to a privileged route.

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Time slot reservation

Select your preferred time slot from those available, book your slot and do not miss the appointment!

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Next Available Ride

Select the desired venue and the system will automatically calculate the first available free slot that meets the entered parameters, in terms of number of group members, distance from the venue and time needed to reach it, etc..

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Plan your visit

Plan your visit thanks to the support of Vivaticket solution, which helps you by calculating the time it takes to move from one place to another, the average time you spend in each place and, why not, the time it takes for a short break along the way.

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Dynamic Queue

Vivaticket avant-garde dynamic queue management system allows you to take your place in the queue, via web or smartphone, to check in real time the actual trend of the queue and to receive a notification when it is your turn, without the risk of further waiting. You’ll simply arrive at the right time.

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